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By Lena Stephenson
Containment berms can help you avoid accidental chemical spills at your facility. This is vital, especially if you are dealing with harmful chemicals, which might pose danger to the environment. Different types of containment berms are used, ranging from those in big industrial plants, to the ones you can place in a local garage. When purchasing the spill containment berms, it is necessary to learn certain helpful tips.

The most important point is to choose a container made from the right material. Such a material will not be affected by the chemicals held by the container. This way you will be sure there are no chances of leakage. In addition, the material should not react with the spilled solution because this might prevent such a solution from being used later on.

The design of the container matters when making a choice. This is because it might need to be fitted in specific areas. If there is restricted space in such an area, you need a container with the right design to fit in. The design will also matter if the collected solution will be stored in the same container. In such a case, you will require something with a lid.

Just like the design, you have to think of the size of containers. You have to consider the amount of spillage expected among other factors, to pick the right size. If it is just minimal spillage, or the area where you will place the container is squeezed, you have to choose a small container. The good news is that there are different standard sizes available in the market.

Some containment berms are meant to be permanent while others are mobile. Most of the permanent ones are custom made for specific projects. This makes it easier to get exactly what you need. For the mobile ones, most people opt for what is readily available in the market because it is cheaper to buy. When buying such, you should check whether they are easy to load into the means of transport you will be using.

The cost involved must be considered before any concrete decisions are made. The cost will be influenced by many factors, including the container size, design, and material used. The other factor that will have a great impact is the supplier you choose. If you need custom containers urgently, you are also likely to pay more.

You can use different approaches to keep costs manageable. For example, through research you can find out if there is a cheaper material that can be used to do the same job as what is readily available. You should also check different suppliers to find out if there is anyone offering better rates. Because the size, and design influence cost, you should also find out if there are any changes you could make to reduce the price.

With the right containment berms, you will eliminate the chances of dangerous chemicals spilling, and harming the environment. You can also reduce wastage in your processes, which is good for your operating costs. This is why you should try to get the best product in the market.

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