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By Olivia Cross
Widely accepted and popular in the Western world as an alternative healing technique, the practice of acupuncture dates back thousands of years to the Far East. The results a patient can expect from this form of therapy primarily depends on the skill, knowledge, and competence of the practitioner. In order to locate an exceptional acupuncture clinic Columbus OH patients need to keep the following points in mind.

Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which focuses on healing illness from its source, it involves the insertion of long, fine needles into specific points on the body to re-balance the body’s energy levels. Pain and illness are associated with an imbalance or blockage of these vital energy levels, their normal flow is restored when stimulated below the skin by the needles, once again allowing the body to function as it should.

Although some patients may wish to try acupuncture on a more general level, most seek to find relief from a particular condition which is distressing them. The majority of acupuncturists can treat a host of disorders, but some of them will have spent additional years honing their technique to heal a specific condition or group of related issues. Patients seeking such expertise, need to keep this in mind when choosing a practitioner.

In the state of Ohio, a license is required for a practitioner to perform acupuncture. A license, issued by the state medical board, is only granted once an acupuncturist has met the minimum number of clinical and classroom hours, and they must also be certified with the NCCAOM, which regulates the practice of Oriental Medicine on a national level. One must ensure that the acupuncturist he or she chooses possesses these credentials.

Various styles of acupuncture offer different results. Some are more effective for treating specific issues than others. Japanese style uses a more shallow insertion and finer needles, while the Korean method primarily uses the hands as its insertion sites. Scalp and ear acupuncture are useful in treating nerve disorders, and for weight loss, and quitting smoking respectively.

The appropriate number of sessions can only accurately be determined once the acupuncturist has met the patient and obtained his or her medical history. Some patients will require more treatments than others depending on which condition they have and how quickly their bodies respond to the therapy. Once a week minimum is normal for most patients. Generally, acute conditions require more frequent sessions than those which are long-term.

Some practitioners are also trained in other areas of Chinese medicine and they may offer these services as well. They may use food therapy, healing methods such as heat therapy or cupping, or herbalism, which prescribes herbal preparations in various forms for treating pain and illness.

It is not likely to be covered by most insurance plans, however there can be exceptions, so the patient must look into this possibility before paying out of pocket. This type of therapy does usually qualify for reimbursement under most health savings and flexible spending plans, so it is important to request a receipt from the acupuncturist for this purpose.

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