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By Olivia Cross
The term acupuncture can be used to define the kind of therapy where needles are slightly inserted in some areas of the body for some benefits. This procedure was first done in china and later was extended to other areas across the world. This medication does not use the scientific empirical beliefs. Acupuncture for pain management memphis, TN works as a result of harmony that takes place between different bodily functions.

Sensitivity on palpation is an example of symptoms that shows blockage of qi. When needles are inserted into the skin they are believed to restore this flow. There are some indigenous opioids whose production is believed to increase in certain areas of the body once the needles are inserted. The therapy is also said to help the tissues. However, its role in managing pain has not yet been defined.

This technique is rarely regarded as the first option of treatment when someone is undergoing some type of pain because its effectiveness has not yet been proven scientifically. However, this therapy can be used in addition to the medical approaches to reduce the severity of pains especially when it is a chronic problem. For example it can be used for people with low back pains.

Before working in this field, there are certain credentials that are necessary. A specific specialist will be obligated to undergo a teaching program. These programs are available both in America and various other regions across the world. This program will be capable of equipping them with the key information they are required to know about the therapy. One should be certified before they can start practicing.

Before choosing this therapy as a remedy for aches, one is first required to see a doctor who can verify the cause of pain and assure them that it does not need the surgical remedies. This is because at times, the pain may be caused by some severe illnesses like cancer. This therapy may have some mild side effects like trauma and skin infections.

Electro-acupuncture may be used on patients that have a high tendency of getting side effects if needles are inserted in their skin. This therapy can be performed on the pregnant women but the doctors must understand the specific areas that must be left out of therapy. These include areas around the abdominal regions so as not to induce premature labor.

There are various things that are considered before the therapists decide the place where the needles will be implanted and the depth of implantation. Nonetheless there are some areas that are commonly known for this therapy. Some factors considered include how severe the pain is and also the type of body of patient.

In a single acupuncture session, the needles are usually implanted in the chosen areas of the body by the therapists and they are left there for around half an hour. The therapy is repeated nearly ten times to get the best results. Each session is done once or twice a week. It is rare for major side effects to occur therefore people should feel safe when they use this therapy to manage their pain.

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