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By Darryl Kendricks
Pain sufferers have long been aware of the many benefits they can enjoy from regular chiropractic care. Over the years, this holistic approach to caring for patient discomfort has earned a reputation for natural pain relief. What many may not realize, however, is that an Ellenville NY chiropractor office can offer a variety of acupuncture solutions for its patients as well.

Acupuncture, like traditional manual adjustment techniques, naturally enhances the body’s self-healing capabilities. By restoring balance and increasing healing in a natural way, this therapy often eliminates the need for surgery or dangerous medications. It is sometimes used as an alternative to other chiropractic measures, but can also be used to supplement manual adjustments.

Both approaches share much in common, but take different routes to the same healing destination. Spinal adjustments and muscle manipulation is used to align the spine and relieve tension that directly impacts the body’s nervous system. Acupuncture needles, on the other hand, directly impact and alter the body’s energy flow.

The procedure entails the use of thin needles at meridian points throughout the body. These points are manipulated to channel energy and redirect it while eliminating harmful obstructions. Though spinal manipulation techniques are targeted toward movement problems and pain, acupuncture is used to deal with other issues too.

Arthritis, menstrual cramps, migraines, and other body pains are but some of the conditions positively impacted by these techniques. Others include allergies, digestion, smoking cessation attempts, and depression. The methodology has even enabled some people to escape the symptoms associated with chronic fatigue.

Chiropractors who offer both adjustment therapy and acupuncture services to their clients ensure that many of their most common ailments can be addressed using natural solutions. For patients who receive the benefits of both methodologies, the end results of their care can be truly remarkable indeed.

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Ellenville NY Chiropractor Provides Acupuncture Solutions For Patients

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