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By Beryl Dalton
Technology brings advantages, which eventually become an expected requirement. Architects of today are including solar heating facades into the designing of buildings. Some are trying to tilt the panelling so that it protrudes a few inches out allowing for water drainage and better sunlight exposure. Others are trying to integrate the panels into providing energy for LED night lightening and emergency lighting as well.

Those buildings that already have similar systems use it as it offers protection from both the cold as well as the rain. It also provides those working inside to have an observation point while allowing fresh air to enter the building. This will also be beneficial as it will cover the energy needs for heating of water used every day.

To help the process of more businesses implementing solar panels to their buildings the government should provide certain incentives. This could be in the form of a tax break and at the same time reduce the cost of energy by feeding it back into the grid. Government contracts could be given out to federal and state buildings which each can compete for.

The heat grabber is another method that stands just under the window and is quick to assemble and does not cost an arm and a leg. It has a stiff foam insulation board and is impregnated with glass fibres for extra strength. On both sides is heavy aluminium foil ranging from different thicknesses. They are marketed by Celotex. The only disadvantage about this is that the foil can be damaged easily if someone is really out to destroy it.

Each panel has no moving parts and are resistance to many weather conditions. They do not require much cleaning and only sporadic maintenance is needed. They are built to last for up to twenty years and many say that they can be put up and then forgotten about. Sometimes things do go wrong and when this happens they will need to be attended too.

The disadvantages are that they can only be harnessed during daylight and when the sun is shining. Some solar power stations that are built do not match the power output with a similar sized traditional power station. In many countries that have unpredictable climates this could also be a flimsy method of energy and a back up will need to be implemented as well.

New facade integrated ventilation with heat recovery systems will soon be introduced and it will have no ducts to supply the air to the buildings. This will be best suited for all high rise buildings as there will be no fans to speak of. The system will therefore have a very low noise level enabling workers to concentrate easier. It is currently in the development stage by the Alusta and Permasteelisa group.

Solar facades have two attractions to them. The first is that they have a pleasing effect on the eye and also help with the heating of the interior of the building. The facade of the building helps to set the tone for the rest of the structure.

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Numerous Firms Are Installing Solar Heating Facades On Their Buildings

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